Islam and Marriage Seminar

August 3-6, 2014
Princeton, New Jersey

This seminar will examine Muslim perspectives on gender, desire, the nature and significance of marriage, and roles of Muslims today in public moral witness regarding marriage. In addition several sessions will explore recent secular research on marriage-related topics.  There will be a particular focus on how to approach the topic of marriage in societies, such as those in North America and Europe, where definitions of marriage are hotly contested today. The seminar will consist of lectures and discussion. 

Sagheer Afzal, author of The Reluctant Mullah
Ryan Anderson, The Heritage Foundation
Robert P. George, Princeton University
Caitlin Seery, The Love and Fidelity Network
Suzy Ismail, Center for Muslim Life, New Jersey
Asma Uddin, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
And other speakers to be announced.

Seminar Director
Jennifer Bryson, PhD,  The Witherspoon Institute

Seminar Leader
Dr. Mahan Mirza, Zaytuna College

The seminar fee is $100, and $50 for students. This includes lodging, meals (halal), and all seminar materials. Participants are responsible for their own travel. The meetings and lodging will be at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey.

Seminar Schedule
The seminar will begin at 9:00am on Sunday, August 3 and end at 4pm on Wednesday, August 6. Attendees should plan to arrive by the night of Saturday, August 2. One event during the seminar will be open to the public:

Marriage and the Common Good: Why Citizens of All Faiths Should Care About Marriage Policy
Ryan Anderson, The Heritage Foundation
Tuesday, August 5, 7:00-8:30pm
McCormick Hall 101
Co-sponsored by the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University

Participants must be available to attend the full seminar August 3-6, and are expected to complete brief preparatory readings prior to arriving in Princeton. Participants are requested not to use internet-connected electronic devices during seminar sessions.