2018 Summer Seminars in Princeton — Apply by February 18, 2018

Calling all students! Apply now for the Witherspoon Institute’s 2018 Summer Seminars in Princeton, New Jersey!

  • High school students can choose from two seminars: Moral Life & the Classical Tradition and Principles of American Politics. Learn more about our high school seminars here.  
  • Two summer seminars are offered for college students: First Principles and Natural Law & Public Affairs. More information about both seminars and a list of some of the faculty members may be found online
  • Graduate students may apply to five seminars: Moral Foundations of the American Constitutional Order; Natural Law & Public Affairs; First Principles; Church & State; and the Thomistic Seminar in Philosophical Anthropology. Particular requirements for each seminar may be located here.
  • The Moral Foundations of Law seminar is open to law students. Additional details are located online.
  • Early career faculty, post-docs, and ABDs are eligible to participate in our bi-annual Church & State seminar. Find out more here.

Applications for all seminars are due on or before February 18, 2018! Apply online today!