Dr. Ana Samuel Discusses Sex, Gender, and Identity

Ana Samuel, Research Scholar of the Witherspoon Institute and Academic Director of CanaVox, discusses Sex, Gender, and Identity. Watch the video now

This 38-minute video is a crash course for people with little time but a lot of interest in better understanding the science and ethical questions behind our gender debates.

The presentation can be watched in segments. Part 1 (14 mins) distinguishes between sex and gender and explains the biology, psychology and social construction of gender. Part 2 (min 14-24) reflects upon the main deviations from the normal cases: inter-sex individuals, transgender individuals, and the special case of children questioning their gender, and offers advice on how to approach these cases. In part 3 (min 24-38), Dr. Samuel discusses gender roles and stereotypes, where she flags some of the extreme positions and encourages a middle-of-the road approach.

All in all, this presentation aims to inspire mothers and fathers, teachers, principals, counselors, advocates, public policy thinkers, and spiritual leaders, and to provide a good foundation to think through modern gender debates with level-headed serenity and courage. We hope you take some time to view this very important presentation, and that you will share it with others who are interested in learning more about this topic.