Civil Liberties: a Free Online Course Taught by Witherspoon Senior Fellow Robert P. George

Enroll now in Civil Liberties, an free online course taught by our very own Prof. George. The course begins on September 13 and will run for seven weeks. Sign up here

About the course

In this free course, participants will explore the moral basis of controversial claims of civil rights and liberties by carefully considering the evidence and reasons presented by notable thinkers and in groundbreaking Supreme Court opinions.

We do not seek unanimity of opinion, but rather a deepening of understanding. Whatever your views happen to be—liberal, conservative, whatever—they will be sympathetically explored but also challenged. The goal of the course is not to persuade you to think as anyone else does; rather, it is to encourage and empower you to think about disputed questions of civil rights and liberties more deeply, more critically, and for yourself.

What you’ll learn

•  The historical foundations of civil rights and liberties in the United States
•  How influential philosophers have thought about important civil rights issues
•  The arguments presented in groundbreaking Supreme Court opinions
•  How to critically analyze controversial claims to civil rights and liberties
•  An understanding and respect for those who have differing opinions

Still not convinced? Watch a video that outlines the course here.