Fall 2018 Seminar Series: On Becoming Somebody, Attachment and Responsibility

Teacher: Dr. R.J. Snell

Time: 12:45pm-3pm on Fridays, lunch provided

Dates: 9/21; 10/5; 10/19; 11/16; 12/7

Place: Whelan Hall, 16 Stockton Street

          Many of us expect a life of mobility, moving from one opportunity to the next, always in search of something better. Of course, this often does lead to new and better opportunities and can be very good—but it also can come at a cost, including a loss of a sense of home or place. In this seminar, we consider the freedom of being able to live “anywhere” in distinction to the obligations and rootedness of staying put, or settling “somewhere.” How do we live wisely and well when we’re very likely to be moving soon?

For more information, contact at R. J. Snell at rsnell@winst.org.