Fall 2018 Seminar Series: Passion and Freedom, C.S. Lewis and The Abolition of Man

Teacher: Dr. R.J. Snell

Time: 12:45pm-3:00pm on Fridays, lunch provided

Dates: 9/28; 10/12; 11/9; 11/30; 12/14

Place: Whelan Hall, 16 Stockton Street

           In The Abolition of Man, now a minor classic, C.S. Lewis explores the importance of our emotions in living well, and the moral realism required to order out passions and emotions in reasonable ways. He also suggestscorrectly or incorrectly?–that our current forms of education tend to disorder the passions, turning us into “men without chests.” If it’s not enough to simply think rightly, how do we go about feeling rightly?

For more information, contact at R. J. Snell at rsnell@winst.org.