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    2018 Summer Seminars

    NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: CLICK HERE. The Institute is pleased to announce its 2018 Summer Seminars for high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and young faculty. These intensive programs examine vital moral questions in social, philosophical, legal, and political thought and have attracted young men and women from across the world for over a decade. With discussions guided by leading scholars from the United States and Great Britain, the Summer Seminars comprise the core of the Institute’s efforts to assist the next generation of scholars in reflecting on truly human questions.

    The seminars vary in length from four days to two weeks and are all held in Princeton, New Jersey, on the campuses of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary. For more information about any of the seminars, visit the links to the seminar pages below. We look forward to seeing you in Princeton this summer!

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    Integrate God, Love, and Law into Your Life

    How should I live my life?” This all important question forms the basis for Luis Tellez’s impressive guide to living an examined and fulfilling life. Believers and non-believers alike will find many prompts for reflection in Tellez’s brief but profound pages. Recommended by professors from Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and UC Berkeley, as well as the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles J. Chaput, Tellez’s book nonetheless appeals directly to a non-specialist audience of young students, who will find its conversational tone approachable and compelling. If you have children in college, or if you are currently studying in high school or college, this book is indispensable. Purchase your copy today.