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    New Additions to Natural Law and American Constitutionalism Online Resource

    T20160712 - Natural Law Site ad piche Institute is pleased to announce that it has recently added three new sections to its site on the history of natural law theory: sections on natural law in the thought of the Protestant Reformers and the sixteenth-century Anglican theologian Richard Hooker (whom John Locke quoted many times in his famous Second Treatise of Government), and on John Rawls as a critic of the natural law tradition. The Institute is very grateful to Dr. J. Daryl Charles, Prof. Robert Faulkner, and Prof. Christopher Wolfe, who contributed the essays on these topics. The site, Natural Law, Natural Rights, and American Constitutionalism ( is maintained by the Witherspoon Institute to educate students, scholars, and the general public about the intellectual history of natural law theory, particularly as it relates to the history of the United States and its constitutional tradition. Continue reading


    Summer Seminars 2016

    The Institute is pleased to announce its 2016 Summer Seminars for high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and young faculty. These intensive programs examine vital moral questions in social, philosophical, legal, and political thought and have attracted young men and women from across the world for over a decade. With discussions guided by leading scholars from the United States and Great Britain, the Summer Seminars comprise the core of the Institute’s efforts to assist the next generation of scholars in reflecting on truly human questions.

    The seminars vary in length from four days to two weeks and are all held in Princeton, New Jersey, on the campuses of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary. For more information about any of the seminars, visit the links to the seminar pages below. We look forward to seeing you in Princeton this summer!

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